Chocolate Cake


Flavors of India Kids @PCC 

Various Dates Jan-April & Times  Kids 10-12 yrs with Adult    $65 Register at PCC

From PCC: Enjoying the warming spices of Indian cuisine can be like adding sunshine to a dreary winter’s day! Bring your adult assistant and join Lisa Crawford in making sunny Chicken Tikka Masala with Basmati Rice; crunchy Indian-spiced Chickpeas; soothing Simple Raita; and a Strawberry Lassi, using summer berries from the freezer. With poultry and dairy; no eggs. Waitlist only!


Pastry Skills: Pâte à Choux Kids 8-17 yrs

Thursday 3/7/19 1:00-3:30P     $40 Register Here

Pronounced: pat a shoe, this is pastry that gives us cream puffs, eclairs and other delectable treats! In this class we’ll make Pâte à Choux dough, pipe it, bake it and fill it with Vanilla Pastry Cream, and top with beautiful Chocolate Glaze. We’ll also make Savory Gougères, a cream puff’s cheesy cousin. Class is vegetarian with wheat, eggs & dairy. Bring an apron, tie back your hair and let’s get baking!

Pi(e) Day Pies! Kids 7-17 yrs

Thursday 3/14/19 1:00-3:30P     $40 Register Here

Celebrate Pi day honing your pie-making skills! In this class you’ll make Lattice Top Berry Pie, Winter Pear Hand Pies, and get to eat Classic Apple Pie ala mode. Class is vegetarian with wheat, optional eggs & dairy. Bring an apron, tie back your hair and let’s get baking!

Delectable Donuts with Lisa Crawford (Child with Adult Cooking Class) @Della Terra

Sunday 3/17/19 5:00-8:00P      $69 Register at Della Terra

From Della Terra: Baked doughnuts are an easy do at home, and, with the right recipe, can be hard to distinguish from fried.In this hands-on class, you and your adult will join Lisa Crawford from The Tiny Kitchen to make Baked Vanilla Cake Doughnuts; Baked Chocolate Cake doughnuts; and Baked Applesauce Spice Doughnuts; along with 4 glazes: Vanilla, Chocolate, Raspberry and Maple. Lisa will add some Baked Raised Doughnut Twists (the secret is the pan we’ll use!) for you to shape, glaze & enjoy. Class is vegetarian with wheat, eggs, dairy. Each Adult/child pair purchases 1 ticket.

Making Maki Kids 7-17 yrs

Thursday 3/28/19 1:00-3:30P     $40 Register Here

Like sushi rolls or just want to learn to make them? In this small group, hands-on class we’ll season sushi rice, prepare sushi style vegetables, then use nori sheets and optional wasabi to create vegetarian sushi rolls. Plan to eat or take home what you make. Class is vegetarian. Bring an apron, tie back your hair and let’s get rolling!

Baking Workshop: Pretzels Kids 6-12 yrs with Adult @The City of Bothell

Friday 3/30/19 3:00-5:00P     $35/$42 For more info go Here

From the City of Bothell: Hey kids, team up with your favorite adult and join us for Pretzel Making! In this class, you and your partner will mix up dough for Quick Pretzels; then while that dough rests, you’ll shape, boil and bake pretzels with dough made before class. You’ll be ready to go home and make pretzels for all your friends and family! Class is vegetarian with wheat, dairy and optional eggs. As per kitchen protocol, students should wear closed-toe shoes and tie back long hair.


After School Cooking Club: Pasta Kids @The City of Bothell

Monday 4/1/19 4:15-6:15P  Kids 10-15 yrs    $38/$46 Register at Parks & Rec

From COB: If you love pasta, learn how to make your own! In this small group, hands-on cooking class, you’ll be introduced to the magic of flour + eggs. We’ll mix dough, then roll, cut and cook Papardelle (fettuccine) and Farfalle (bow ties). You’ll be able to taste your creations with Quick Tomato or Creamy Alfredo Sauces. Class is vegetarian with wheat, eggs and dairy. As per kitchen protocol, students should wear closed-toe shoes and tie back long hair.

Muffins & Scones Kids 7-17 yrs

Thursday 4/4/19 1:00-3:30P     $40 Register Here

Breakfast just got better! Muffins or scones fresh from the oven are delicious and can be quick to put together. In this hands-on class, we’ll make a Muffin Mix that you’ll customize with blueberries or apples or citrus or (?) for your own muffin creation, then pack your extra Mix to take home. We’ll work on mixing technique and handling muffin pans. Additionally, we’ll make Buttermilk Scones, with currants or cranberries, learning how to keep these gems light & flakey, even with some whole wheat flour. Class is vegetarian with eggs, wheat & dairy. Bring an apron, tie back your hair and let’s get baking!


all classes subject to change