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The Art of Hygge Adults@PCC Cooks

Begins Saturday January 4 10:00A-12:30P  Greenlake Village PCC Market Classroom (see website for more dates/locations for the month of January)  $60 Register @PCC Cooks

From PCC: Cozy up with a hands-on course on all things Hygge — the Scandinavian concept of connection. You’ll work alongside other students to make a yeasted bread with rye and whole wheat flour for open-faced sandwiches, skillfully craft a streusel, and perfect the puff on Danish filled pancakes. By the end of class, you’ll have created a scratch-made spread for a night in with your favorite folks.

Dietary Notes

With dairy and eggs; optional meat and seafood.


Æbelskivers (pancakes) with Jam and Confectioners’ Sugar

Rågkaker (rye bread)

Smørbrød (open-faced sandwiches) with Herb Butter, Smoked Salmon, Caramelized Red Onion; Roast Beef with Butter, Horseradish and Chives

Apple-Walnut Streusel Cake


After-School Baking Club: Bagels & More Bagels Kids 10-15 yrs @The City of Bothell

Monday January 13 14:15-6:15P  $40/$48 Register Here

From the City: Make great bagels at home! In this hands-on class, you’ll make dough, shape that dough into bagels, let those bagels rise then boil and bake. You’ll also get to boil and bake bagels that spent the night in the fridge and see if you taste any difference. You’ll have options for bagel toppings and will
get to taste your creations with butter, cream cheese or just plain. You’ll also be able to tell your grownups what kind of flour works best for bagel making. Bring an apron, pull back long hair and let’s get baking!


New York Style Bagels

Quick Bagels


I Can Make Lunch! Kids 6-12 yrs @TTK

Wednesday  January 15 11A-12:30P  $35 To Register Contact TTK

Introduce your younger student to working in the kitchen or give your older student more practice! In this class we’ll assemble grilled cheese sandwiches and carefully cook on an electric griddle; we’ll put together tomato soup; and cut up apples, pears & bananas for a fruit salad. When our prep is complete, we’ll enjoy lunch together. Class is vegetarian with wheat, eggs & dairy.


Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Cream of Tomato Soup

Winter Fruit Salad



Kids Bake Pie 10-12yr olds + Adult@PCC Cooks

February 1 10:00A-12:30P  Edmonds PCC Market Classroom (see website for more dates/locations throughout February)  $75 Register @PCC Cooks

From PCC: The best cure for grey skies? Fresh-baked pies. In this class, kids and adults will work together to make two different types of pie: savory pot pie and sweet hand pie. Each provides a great opportunity for learning baking basics — like making pastry dough and crafting both sweet and savory flavor combinations — and the results are shareable treats that you can recreate at home!

Dietary Notes

With dairy, optional poultry and optional eggs.

Class notes:

One seat represents child/adult pair


Chicken Pot Pie or Roasted Vegetable Pot Pie

Apple Hand Pies


After-School Baking Club: Cupcake Workshop Kids 10-15 yrs @The City of Bothell

Monday February 10 14:15-6:15P  $45/$54 Register Here

From the City:  Love cake? Love buttercream? Want to make cake and decorate it? In this small group hands-on class, we’ll mix Vanilla Cake and bake it as cupcakes. While those are baking, we’ll whip up some Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream
and decorate chocolate cupcakes. You’ll use piping bags and different kinds of tips to give you different effects. When the vanilla cupcakes cool you’ll decorate those as well. At the end of class, we’ll box up your creations for easier transport home. Bring an apron, pull back long hair and let’s get baking!


Vanilla Cupcakes

Chocolate Cupcakes

Faux Vanilla Swiss Meringue Buttercream


Lotsa Chocolate      Kids 8-17 yrs  @TTK

Wednesday February 12  11:00A-1P  Kids 8-17 yrs    $40 To Register Contact TTK

Join us at The Tiny Kitchen for Valentine’s, Palentine’s, Galentine’s Day chocolate revelry! In this small group hands-on class we’ll melt & temper chocolate to make Custom Chocolate Bark; make Chocolate Lava Cakes; and Dorie Greenspan’s chocolate “World Peace Cookies”. It will be Lotsa Chocolate! Class is vegetarian with wheat, eggs, dairy. For Kids ages 8 to 18.


Custom Chocolate Bark

Chocolate Lava Cakes

World Peace Cookie



Ready, Set, Bake! 10-12yr olds@PCC Cooks

March 1 10:00A-12:30P  Edmonds PCC Market Classroom (see website for more dates/locations throughout March)  $60 Register @PCC Cooks

From PCC: Don’t get bored — get baking! Winter is the perfect season for kids to explore new baking skills. In this class, students will make both their own bread dough and sweet dough for cinnamon rolls, learn the magical properties of yeast and discover flavorful uses for different types of flour.

Dietary Notes

Vegetarian with dairy and eggs.

Class notes

Drop-off class; kids only.


Mini Honey-Oat Sandwich Loaves

Tender Cinnamon Rolls


After-School Cooking Club: Fend For Yourself Kids 10-15 yrs @The City of Bothell

Monday March 9 14:15-6:15P  $45/$54 Register Here

From the City:  Want to learn new-to-you kitchen skills or brush up on basics? Join this hands-on kitchen crash course and go home equipped to make snacks or light meals! You’ll cook eggs, make French Toast, grate cheese for a quesadilla, peel carrots and slice up apples. You’ll use peelers, knives, whisks, graters, spatulas, and wear oven mitts. Go home with tips and tricks to make feeding yourself easier. Bring an apron, pull back long hair and let’s get cooking!


Customized Quesadilla

Fresh Fruit & Veggie Plate

French Toast & Eggs Your Way



2-Day Sourdough Bread Workshop Adults@PCC Cooks

Saturday April 4 4P-7P & Sunday April 5 10:00A-1:00P Greenlake Village PCC Market Classroom (see website for more dates/locations for April & May)  $TBD Register @PCC Cooks (registration opens early March)

From PCC: Indulge in two days of sourdough celebration with longtime baker and member of The Bread Bakers Guild of America, Lisa Crawford. Dig into terminology and techniques, learn the basic formula and stretch your imagination with various alterations. Tune into the importance of time and temperature and experiment with different flours, then head home with a sourdough starter and the know-how to bake your own loaves from scratch. Dietary Notes: Optional meat with dairy and eggs.


Sourdough Country Loaf

Sourdough Olive Loaf

Sourdough Pizza

all classes subject to change