Chocolate Cake

 June 2018

Summer Doughnuts  8 yrs & up  Friday 6/22/18     1:00-3:30PM  $30

  • Baked doughnuts are great to make in the summer! We’ll be making Vanilla Cake doughnuts with optional berry swirl, Chocolate Cake doughnuts because they’re chocolate, and Baked Raised Doughnut Twists (the secret is the pan we’ll use!) which are light & airy like a Pacific Northwest summer day! We’ll also coat our creations in powdered sugar or 1 of 3 glazes, including more summer berries. Class is vegetarian with eggs & dairy. Bring an apron, tie back your hair and let’s get baking! 1 space left

Around the World in Five Days Kids’ Cooking Camp @PCC  Kids 12-15 yrs Various Weeks, Redmond & Bothell Stores     6/25/18-8/24/18       9:30A-12:00P     $190-$215      Register through PCC.

  • From PCC: Future chefs cook up the cuisines of many lands while learning techniques and kitchen skills. With new recipes and different globe-trotting stops from year to year, each day features a complete regional meal with entrees, side dishes and desserts. This year, we’ll travel to Peru, Turkey, Thailand, France and Italy. Vegetarian with dairy, eggs and optional meat.

July 2018

Ice Cream @21 Acres  8 yrs & up with adult accompaniment    Saturday 7/7/18      12:30-3:00PM      $49-$59 Register through 21 Acres

  • From 21 Acres:I scream, You scream, We all scream local ice cream! Celebrate the best of summer by making delicious Ice Cream treats with Chef Lisa Crawford! Kids, bring your adult assistant to make homemade Graham Crackers as the base for Summer ‘Smore Ice Cream Sandwiches! Try your hand at creating a refreshing Summer Fruit Milkshake and learn to make delicious Vanilla Ice Cream with or without a machine. We’ll also put together a delicious chocolate sauce to be swirled into your ice cream or simply enjoyed on top! All farm fresh ingredients come from nearby sustainable farms.

Ice Cream Treats        8 yrs & up                Thursday 7/12/18      1:00-3:30PM      $35

  • Celebrate the best of summer by making delicious Ice Cream treats! Homemade Graham Crackers will be the base for Summer ‘Smore Ice Cream Sandwiches; try your hand at creating a refreshing Summer Fruit Milkshake; and learn to make delicious Vanilla Ice Cream with or without a machine, including adding a swirl! We’ll also make a great chocolate sauce. Bring an apron, tie back your hair and let’s get churning! 1 space left

Summer Pasta @21 Acres   Adults  Thursday 7/19/18      6:00-8:30PM      $59-$69 Register through 21 Acres

  • From 21 Acres:Making your own pasta might seem daunting on a warm summer day, but if you include friends, delicious sauces and, of course, refreshing beverages, you will be happily rewarded! In this hands-on class Chef Lisa Crawford will guide you through pasta making with the amazing Magic Skagit 1109 Artisan Flour. We’ll explore different hand-cut shapes from Garganelli to Tagliatelle, and then enjoy our pasta with Zucchini & Herb-Pumpkin Seed Pesto, Summer Bolognese, and Roasted Tomato & Fennel sauces.

Jammin’-Summer in a Jar @Whisk   Adults  Saturday 7/28/18      11:00AM-2:00PM      $85 Register through Whisk

  • From Whisk: Celebrate summer every day of the year with this class!  We will be preserving the tastiest, locally grown fruit, enjoyed at the height of ripeness. In this hands-on class, work with Chef Lisa Crawford to prepare some of your own summer-in-a-jar, to be enjoyed whenever you see fit!

    Together we’ll prepare cooked Peach-Ginger Jam, and walk through the basics of water-bath canning to preserve and seal the jars. Then we’ll prepare Classic Raspberry Jam to be kept in the freezer. While cooling, we’ll whip together some Buttermilk Currant Scones to enjoy with our just-made jam. Participants will leave with a jar of each jam and a few scones!

August 2018

Breakfast Baking Workshop  6 yrs & up       Thursday 8/2/18      11:00A-1:00P  $35 Register here

  • In this class we’ll use puff pastry & scrambled eggs to prepare Breakfast Hand Pies; we’ll measure, grate & mix ingredients for Carrot Ginger Streusel Muffins; and we’ll prepare a big German Oven Pancake, complete with fresh fruit garnish. Class is vegetarian with eggs & dairy. 2 spaces left

Patio Dinner Party @21 Acres   Adults  Friday 8/10/18      6:00-8:30PM      $59-$69 Register through 21 Acres

  • From 21 Acres: Need some new ideas for outdoor summer entertaining? Join Chef Lisa Crawford in this hands-on class to prepare and enjoy a menu that can be easily sourced from your favorite farmers market, the 21 Acres Farm Market or a local farm stand: Ricotta Dumplings with Summer Vegetable Broth, Grilled Chicken & Cherry Tomato Skewers, Zucchini Noodles with Basil-Hazelnut Pesto, and a seasonal Clafoutis.

Trio of Tarts @Whisk   Adults  Saturday 8/11/18      11:00AM-2:00PM      $85 Register through Whisk

  • From Whisk: Tarts, savory or sweet, can be a perfect entrée or dessert. In this hands-on class, join Chef Lisa Crawford to explore three different tart crusts; savory and sweet fillings; how to form tarts with or without pans; and how to customize a recipe to your liking. Together we’ll make:

    Two styles of Alsatian Onion Tart with a Classic Pâte Brisée;

    A German Raspberry Kuchen with a Crumbly Cookie Crust; and

    A Fresh Fruit Mascarpone Tart with an Almond Tart Crust.

    We’ll cover tips & techniques for make-ahead shortcuts, baking blind, and more!

Summer Picnic Dinner @21 Acres   Adults  Thursday 8/23/18     6:00-8:30PM      $59-$69 Register through 21 Acres

  • From 21 Acres: Planning a picnic comes together quick and easy with Chef Lisa Crawford! In this hands-on class we’ll prepare Picnic Chicken, Summer Farro Salad, Einkorn Chocolate Chip Cookies, and Berry Hazelnut Horchata. We’ll discuss tips and techniques to keep foods properly packed and cooled, portion controls for fewer leftovers, and how to thoroughly enjoy eating a meal while you’re sitting on the ground!

Explore Flavors Mini-Camp  8 yrs & up      Tuesday-Thursday 8/28/18-8/30/18  12:30-3:00P $105

  • This year we’re returning to Italy, discovering India and, staying closer to home, finding out all that’s great about the foods of the Pacific Northwest! This 3-day class will cover/review basic skills, and we’ll braise, sauté, grill and bake. Class is meat optional with eggs, wheat & dairy. 2 spots available!

all classes subject to change