Winding Down

I had hoped and planned for plenty of down time once Christmas arrived, really, once Solstice hit, but plans easily go awry. I had some extra baking I did for friends, so my last bake day was 12/22/22. What a great looking date! Little did I know that all of the errands I had left for Friday the 23rd would be thwarted by sheets of sheer ice. That ice pushed all the days, adding a Tuesday to the lineup of Holiday gatherings. I had also, for reasons that only baffled as the time grew closer, said yes to a custom PCC Cooks birthday party class at the Burien store. I live in Bothell. The birthday was for two soon-to-be 5-year old friends and 10 of their closest. So, Tuesday was getting ready for the final holiday party, Wednesday was recover from party and prep for class, and Thursday was an early start for a commute to Burien, to lead 12 young energetic humans in making cupcakes and pizza. Friday, yesterday, my first true down day, was spent with a few hours on accounting, then the rest of the day, including a nice lunch out, with Spouse, recapping the year: successes, challenges, things learned, changes to make for this next year, and even looking out three to five years from now. What a luxury to have the time and brain space to hash out all the things! We even created a 5-foot long calendar for the year, highlighting markets, class dates and kids’ camps, vacations and days off, complete with multi-color markers and post-its, and a short list of action items. Phew.

I will now have a few weeks to think about other things outside of business and bread. I’ll get a few days of different scenery, I will celebrate my sister with sweet remembrance, I will tackle the Rofco oven now in place, all electrical competed. After this, I will, again, begin to teach and offer bread. I don’t think, at least for me, there is really much down time. There is usually a task at hand, and completing that task often renews me. I am happy when the house is tidied, the laundry put away, when I’ve been in the garden. For me, these things must be done so when I do have time to sit with coffee or tea, I can relax and enjoy. Down time from my business means time for the myriad of other. So, for 2023, I will remember that, while lovely, Christmas is not relaxing, I don’t need any commitments the week after Christmas, but I do need to schedule enough time in early January to reset, rebuild, and enjoy all that other.

Happy New Year!

One Comment on “Winding Down

  1. Oh, my goodness, yes!!!
    Take time and rejuvenat. Take care of yourself and your family.


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