The Tiny Kitchen Kids


The Tiny Kitchen Kids classes are offered as weekday, daytime classes, perfect for homeschooling families! Students  register through Sequoia Homeschool Enrichment Program, a Meetup-based homeschool network that is easy to join, or you can message us directly via the contact tab at the top of the page. Additional class dates will be scheduled through Eventbrite.

Classes with a usual minimum of 4 students and a maximum of 8 will cover cooking and baking technique, producing products both savory and sweet. Learn to make an entire meal! See our Classes page for descriptions & details.

Check back often!

Here’s what some parents are saying:

This is such a great class! Not only do the kids learn so much, but the atmosphere has been so welcoming and friendly, it has allowed my normally reserved 7 year-old daughter to get to know her classmates in a matter of weeks. Plus, I’m learning tons I never knew just from listening in. Makes me wish I went to culinary school myself! -Maureen

Thanks for another great class and experience Lisa ! So much good stuff goin’ on 😉 . -Rachel