Custom Classes


Great for Scout groups, birthdays, baby showers, team building or just fun with friends, classes can be customized just for you. Classes are a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 students, with custom kids classes requiring at least 1 adult to stay onsite with their group.

Class options include (but are not limited to):

  • Glorious Grains: cooking with whole grains such as emmer & einkorn, making farrotto, grain salads or pilafs
  • Whole Grain Baking: using whole grain flours in pastries, cookies, cakes, all things sweet
  • Wild Bread: naturally-yeasted, long-rise sourdough bread
  • The  Ins & Outs of Soup
  • Pie How To
  • Allegen-free Sweets for the Sweet
  • Jams & Jellies
  • Plan Ahead: meals for a week or month
  • Whole Grain Breakfast: waffles, scones, biscuits, muffins, cooked grains & eggs
  • Flatbreads: pizza,  pita, injera, focaccia
  • Viva Mexico: Enchiladas, Tortillas, Tortilla Soup, Shredded Beef or Pork Tacos, Empanadas, Tamales

For more ideas, see our Past Classes page. Use the form on the Contact page to get more information.